Saratoga Farms Powdered Milk ValueBUCKET

  • 400 Servings Total
  • Makes 1 Cup Prepared
  • Just add water
  • Up to 20-Year Shelf LIfe
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Saratoga Farms™ Powdered Milk ValueBUCKETs come with food loaded to the brim. We know food storage space is a premium for most people and that filling the bucket to the brim is the best way to conserve space and give value to our customers.

Simply add 1/4 cup of powder to 1 cup of cold water and mix. Milk is ready to drink and dissolves extremely fast with cold water. If you want to extend the milk and get 400+ servings try using 3 tablespoons to 1 cup of water. Each Saratoga Farms™ ValueBUCKET has a Mylar bag & oxygen absorbers sealed inside. This keeps light and moisture out so your food stays good for a long, long time and since the Mylar bag keeps the aroma inside, rodents won't be coming for a meal.

All Saratoga Farms™ dehydrated and dried products have a great reputation of being long-lasting, packed with nutrients, and great-tasting - and Fortified Instant Milk is no exception with a ton of Vitamin D and A and a healthy dose of C and Calcium! With high percentages fiber, carbohydrates and calories; Instant Milk will make a healthy, versatile addition to your food storage! While buying bulk food storage, a surprising number of people don't consider the fact that they really might have to eat it in the future.

More Information
Net Weight 17.6 lbs (8 kg)
Total Servings 400
Shelf Life Up to 25 Years
Allergen and Specialty N/A
Packaging 5-Gallon Bucket
Storage Requirements Click to Read Storage Requirements

Shelf Life Statement

To achieve maximum shelf life, store in an environment with a temperature of 60F or lower and humidity of 10 percent or less. Shelf life statements are based on manufacturer claims
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