READYprep-2400 Food Storage Supply | 6-Month

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Our 6 month READYprep-2400 Food Storage Supply kit provides over 2,400 calories per day with a great combination of freeze-dried meals, fruits, and vegetables and dehydrated foods that have a long shelf-life. These foods are take little preparation time and can fit in your existing food storage plans. For those just starting these kits are also a great way to build up your reserves. With an average shelf-life of 27 years, you can rest easy knowing that you have planned for your families well-being for the long haul.

Since many of the ingredients can be combined together you can make a wide variety of meals on top of the ready-to-eat meals. For example Noodles and Marinara Sauce and Freeze-Dried Chicken would make a tasty pasta dish. In the end, you're going to get a kit with real variety which means you won't tire of eating the same 5-10 meals like a lot of our competitor's kits, instead you will be eating up to 20 different meals or more.

The food in this supply kit comes from the best provider in the industry - Saratoga Farms. They source only high-quality ingredients that are from safe sources. They don't cut corners on ingredient sourcing in order to cut costs. The end result is a supply kit full of quality and safe ingredients that you and your family will find delicious and nutritious. We simply won't compromise safety and quality.

Another corner some of our competition cuts are when they say their kits are designed to last 6 months but don't give you the needed amount of daily calories. They push number of servings when calories per day is the real benchmark to compare. We have designed these kits to not only provide you with 2,400+ calories a day but also a kit that is packed with over 100% of your daily recommendations of protein, carbohydrates, vitamin A and C, along with calcium. Fat, cholesterol, and dietary fiber are all near the 100% recommendation level too.

The food in this READYprep-2400 supply kits comes in #10 cans which are enclosed in boxes that can be stacked in a variety of locations (look at the additional images on this page to see dimensions and stacking configurations). Because we fill our cans to the brim you have the most efficient space savings possible for kits of this magnitude.

Aside from quality food that goes into the cans it is also important they are are sealed with quality in mind. We want to ensure that your food is good when you need it, so we go the extra mile with the production process to make sure your food gets the perfect environment that ensures long term shelf life. From quality assurance processes in our canning facility to the highest quality can seamers and O2 absorbers, we make sure that no corners are cut which translates to a high quality product you can depend on.

This 6 month READYprep-2400 food storage supply kit will help you and your family achieve the peace of mind that comes from preparing for what life may throw at you and by providing a wide variety of high quality food you will actually enjoy using it.
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