READYprep-2400 Food Storage Supply | 12-Month

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The READYprep-2400 12-month food supply is a great purchase for people who are looking for convenience and the longest shelf-life possible. The kit provides a jam-packed diet with 2,400 calories per day and has a shelf-life that averages 27 years per can.

The kit includes ready-to-eat and just-water meals along with freeze-dried fruits and vegetables which go great with the various sides and snacks you will find in this complete package. This kit also includes some freeze-dried meats and just-add-water sauces (such as Marinara, Alfredo, and Chicken Gravy to name a few) that go great with some of the included staples like Instant Mashed Potatoes, Instant Rice and Noodles. You get a huge variety! Having enough food is good, having food that you will want to eat is better!

We have created this kit to provide you with 2,400 calories per day. Many kits in the industry don't supply the needed nutrients or caloric intake but instead focus on a number of servings (while hiding their calorie per day data). We want to make sure that you and your family have enough energy in case of an emergency. A storage of food isn't worth anything if it doesn't keep you going in an emergency.

As for the food itself, we only uses the best ingredients to make our products. We make sure that our food storage items are made from quality food sourced from growers with great track records of quality and food safety. We will never cut corners by using cheap food from distant lands where food safety has been a problem. Some companies source their food based on the notion that you will be glad to have anything in a disaster and that quality doesn't matter, well that isn't our line of thinking, we strive to create food storage that you would like to use every day so when you do need to use it you can thrive and not feel depressed eating second-rate food. In the end, if it isn't good enough for our family it isn't good enough for our customers, we simply won't compromise.

This year supply comes in 10 cans, a tried and true packaging method shown to deliver long-term shelf life. The double-enameled cans are sealed by the top of the line canning equipment to create the perfect environment for the food's long-term life. We want to make sure that your food is good when you need to open it and you can expect that every can will last 20-30 years (average of 27 years for this kit) when stored in the right conditions.

In summary, the READYprep 12-month food supply is built to last. It provides 2,400 calories per day of high-quality usable food. We want to provide you with peace of mind regarding your food storage.
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