Mylar Bag & Oxygen Absorber Bucket Kit - 10 Pack

  • Ten 2,000 cc Oxygen Absorbers
  • Ten Large Mylar Bags
  • Size (L x W): 30"x20"
  • Do it yourself prepping
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This Mylar Bag & Oxygen Absorber Bucket Kit contains 10 high quality 4.3 mil mylar bags that measure 20" by 30". These metalized bags are big enough for 5 and 6-gallon buckets. Included with this 10 pack are 10 oxygen absorbers to create the perfect food storage environment for your foods.

The ten included oxygen absorbers are 2,000 cc in size. When food is filled to the top of the bucket we recommend using 1 oxygen absorber. Remove as much air in the bag before sealing edge. No need to vacuum the remaining air out, the absorber will take care of that over the next 48 hours.

NOTE: Oxygen absorbers must be used no longer than 2 hours after opening 02 absorber bag. We recommend filling the 10 mylar bags with food and place them in their respective buckets before opening the 02 absorber bag. When ready to seal the 10 mylar bags with a heating element (like a household iron) cut open the absorbers package and place the 02 absorbers into the mylar bags and seal the 10 bags immediately.

We recommend the use of food grade plastic buckets for protection of the mylar bag. While the mylar bag keeps light, moisture, and air out it can be punctured. When placed in a bucket the mylar bag has protection from abuse.

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