Hand-Powered Grain Mill

Daily Bread®'s is excited to offer the Magic Cook! The Magic Cook features the latest technology in emergency cooking. The magic cook boils water within seconds through chemical reaction, but doesn't produce any toxic gases. Since there aren't any flames, and no toxic fumes, the Magic Cook is safe to use indoors. Like Daily Bread's delicious food, the Magic Cook only requires water to use!

The Magic Cook is perfect for preparing Daily Bread®'s single serving pouches.

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Stocking up on canned foods and buckets of fresh grains are just the first part of emergency preparedness. A bag of wheat won't do your family much good if you have nothing to mill it with. That's why We are offering this Hand-Powered Grain Mill. Buying wheat in its original form is certainly the less expensive way to build your food storage and after tasting breads, pastas, and cereals with freshly milled wheat flour, you may never want to go back! The hand-powered grain mill is perfect for your emergency supplies because a power outage won't stop this Mill from giving you the ingredients to feed your family.

   The mill is durable, lightweight, and very efficient—it's the best hand grain mill on the market today. This wheat grinder is made with cone shaped precision grinding burrs that are made of hardened steel and are self-aligning, so it is precise and nearly indestructible. You can mount your mill to any counter top using the positive clamping screw, and then place your wheat, rice, oats, barley etc in the hopper and grind away. Because of it's small size (only 13” tall) and lightweight, it will fit easily among your other emergency supplies ready to use whenever you need it.

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