Gamma Lid

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These gamma lids are the perfect solution for those customers who are tired of always having to fight with their plastic lids to get at what they're storing in their bucket. This spin-on, spin-off lids are a cinch to use, and easy to put on any standard size 3.5 to 7.0-gallon bucket. The lids are also free of any harmful chemicals or toxins and are approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Gamma lids aren't just easy to use, however; they are also airtight, leak-proof, and spill-proof.

Here's how they work. These lids have two different parts to them—the first is the piece that is pushed down over the bucket's rim. It locks in place and while it will take some force to get it on and off, that just means that it's not going anywhere! This piece can be removed and replaced (onto the same bucket or another one) if necessary. The second piece is the lid that screws down onto the rim with just an easy twist of the wrist.

The lid comes with a replaceable rubber ring that fits snugly around the base of the lid and makes it completely airtight and mostly-waterproof! So if you're tired of scraping your knuckles, breaking your fingernails, or even using something akin to a pry bar to open your food storage containers every time, try our easy gamma lids for some simplicity and relief!
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