Emergency Auto Kit - 5 Person

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Whether you have a flat tire, a dead battery, or a stuck car in the snow, you will be prepared to face your car troubles with this Emergency Auto Kit - 5 Person. This kit will provide you with the essentials to get by until help arrives such as food, warmth, and first aid. It even comes with a variety of handy tools every car should be equipped with such as jumper cables, a tire gauge, a utility blade, and much more.

Few things are more frustrating than shuffling through your over-packed glove compartment looking for the tools you need. Keep all your tools and emergency supplies neatly stored and organized in your trunk with this heavy duty duffel bag. When the time comes to find your tools, flashlight, or emergency supplies, you will know right where to look; the black duffel bag in the trunk has everything you need.

Like all of our survival kits, this Emergency Auto Kit comes with some extra space in the bag so you can include your own items such as extra clothing, specific medical supplies or medication, and so forth. Load the duffel bag up and store it in your trunk for that rainy day. You will be glad you did when the time comes.
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