Double Doodie with Bio Gel

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When most people think of emergency supplies, this is probably the last thing on their mind. It shouldn't be though. After all, that waste has to go somewhere and with these Double Doodie Bio Gel waste bags you can rest assured that you'll have a nice, safe and easy-to-dispose of product that will take care of your business needs.

This box comes with 6 double-lined bags. The inner bag is filled with a bio-gel that solidifies any liquid while the outer bag is sealable and provides an extra barrier to prevent leaks. The gelatin powder even helps mask any unpleasant odors. Trust us, the forest animals will thank you for that one!

Made by Reliance, these Double Doodie waste bags are compatible with all of their portable toilets as well as many other brands. Take it with you on your next camping or hunting trip or just have it ready in case the need requires and you're stuck in an emergency situation. You'll be glad you did!

NOTE: Human waste must be disposed of properly in a certified waste disposal facility. DO NOT place bags with human waste in trash cans or standard garbage receptacles.
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