6-LED Dynamo Lantern

  • *Lasts: 3.5-6 hours
  • Bright LED
  • Dynamo Crank Included
  • Rechargeable
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Don't leave your safety to chance! Our Dynamo Lantern is packed with options. The extra-large cranking handle is a cinch to wind up and the internal dynamo generator means you will always have the light and information you need. The 6 LEDs can be switched for high or low light to conserve power. Let's face it, life is busy and we don't always remember to recharge our lights. And sometimes we forget to keep extra batteries handy. Unfortunately, a powerful emergency lantern doesn't do much good without a charge and batteries. But that's where the Dynamo Lantern comes in.

A full charge allows the lantern to run 6 LEDs for up to 3.5 hours and 3 LEDs for 6 hours. But if there is no charge or a low charge, simply rotate the handle clockwise for 2 minutes at 160 r.p.m. (rotations per minute) and 6 LEDs will operate for up to 50 minutes. On the lower brightness level, 3 LEDs will operate for almost two hours. This is perfect for power outages, emergencies, or any time charging is not available. The lantern can also be charged via USB (Cord Included).

*Power Settings: Low Setting = 6 Hours | High Setting = 3.5 Hours
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