3 PACK - Saratoga Farms Freeze Dried Bananas

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Long shelf-life | Add water to prepare| Light-weight snack

Make them a food storage snack
Tasty banana slices can make a great healthy on-the-go snack! Plus, they’re light-weight. Easy to prepare
By simply adding water, these banana slices are restored to their original taste, smell and nutrition. A healthy addition to your food storage
Bananas are a fun fruit that provide a lot of nutrients—like potassium and vitamin C—that everyone needs to eat to stay healthy. Be prepared for 30 years
Since the banana slices are freeze-dried, they are simple to prepare and last for decades! With a 30 year shelf-life, these bananas will be ready for any situation you might face. When you pop them in your mouth you'll have just a light crunch, then nothing but creamy, sweet, fresh tasting banana! These freeze-dried bananas boast a 30-year shelf-life! They have Saratoga Farms' promise of being sweet, delicious, and always fresh.

A little bit of water will rejuvenate the soft flavorful texture of a fresh banana. You can even use them in recipes to make things like banana bread, cakes and other foods! Try using The Ready Store's white flour or our oatmeal with these banana slices to make a tasty, versatile meal!

Banana chips are also great for trail mix when hiking or as a healthy children's snack on-the-go. With a taste like this, the hard part will be keeping them on the shelf! With The Ready Store, being prepared doesn't have to mean sacrificing health and taste in order to provide for your family during a hardship.

Freeze-drying is especially valuable to your food storage needs because it locks the freshness in and retains the vitamins, nutrients, and aroma of fresh frozen foods. These items will stay on your shelf for more than 30 years!

More than anything, you'll have an addition of nutrients to your food storage. This will provide you and your family with peace of mind facing an emergency.
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