3 PACK - Daily Bread Dehydrated Diced Carrots

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Daily Bread Black Beans is a protein-packed food that can be used in a variety of different recipes. With this can of Black Beans, you can make such recipes like Black Bean Salad, Black Bean Burger, Vegetable Soup and Black Bean Chili. With the ability to make such delicious meals above your family is sure to enjoy Daily Bread Black Beans.

It’s essential for your food contains vitamins and minerals and Daily Breads Black Beans is packed full of fiber, copper, vitamin B1 and iron. Why just one cup of Daily Bread Black Beans will provide you with 15 grams of protein making it perfect source for you and your loved ones.

Because these Black Beans have been dehydrated they do require some time in the kitchen to prepare them. To make Daily Bread Black Beans you have two options to prepare the beans. The first option is the quickest, bring a pot of water to boil and add the Black Beans. Boil for two minutes then take the pan off heat, cover and allow to stand for two hours. The second option is the longest in that you soak the Pintos for 8 hours or overnight in a refrigerator, so the beans will not ferment. Please note: regardless of what method you use to make the Black Beans please rinse prior to serving.
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