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Zero Additives | Premium Quality | Great Snack

Enjoy Delicious Banana Slices On the Go
Stock up on freeze dried bananas before you hit your favorite hiking trails or head to the beach and you’ll enjoy a delicious treat without the hassles of utensils or clean up. Nutrition for the Whole Family
Our freeze dried banana slices aren’t just delicious, they’re nutritious too. Loaded with the nutritional goodness of fresh bananas, our freeze dried banana slices are chock full of vital vitamins and minerals like vitamin B6, vitamin C, potassium, manganese. Plus, they’re a good source of fiber. Save with Freeze Dried Fruit
Fruits are often thrown out due to spoilage. You might have got a good deal at the store but can you eat them in time? Not a worry with freeze dried fruit in resealable mylar bags. Easy to eat & easier to prepare. Freeze dried fruits are super easy to use. Our freeze dried bananas are easy to use as snacks or as ingredients for baking. You can enjoy them just as they are (just open the bag, pop one in your mouth, and enjoy the sweet crunch of this fresh, freeze-dried snack) or you can reconstitute them with warm or cold water in a few minutes.

With all of the flavor and goodness of fresh bananas — and a crispy crunch your mouth will love — our banana slices are made from the highest quality bananas that are freeze dried when they’re at their peak ripeness and sweetness. No additives or preservatives. Just good clean pure fruit how nature intended it.

Freeze drying locks in all the delicious banana flavor, making them awesome treats. Great for on the go lifestyle or for the cold storage area so you can enjoy them at a later time due to the great shelf life that comes from proven packaging and food processing procedures.

In the end, enjoy our freeze dried banana slices at home, at school, at the office or anywhere you need to go. They’re easy to use for baking and cooking too. Just reconstitute our banana slices with water and you’ll get all of the flavor and texture fresh bananas without the peels!
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